From food additives to pharmaceutical grades

As the top Japanese manufacturer of
phosphate varieties and
production volumes.

We have been manufacturing and selling many chemical products and infection control products such as phosphates that support people's lives for more than 75 years.
In particular, we are the Japanese top manufacturer of highest-ranked phosphates that can be used in pharmaceuticals such as biopharmaceuticals in terms of varieties and production volume, and we provide consultations on the development of various products: food additive grade, pharmaceutical grade, etc.

Characteristics of chemical products business


Phosphates, which have been our main products since our foundation, are widely useful in our daily lives, such as quality improvers for hams and sausages, ingredients for toothpastes and pharmaceuticals, etc.

We support your needs widely according to the application; not only food additives but also pharmaceutical grade phosphates used for biopharmaceuticals.

Chemical products business

Activated carbon is used as water purifiers, deodorants, and purification and decolorization of chemical products due to its excellent adsorption capacity.

We handle various types of activated carbon such as powder and granules, and we offer products that meet your needs.
In addition, we have an analysis specialists, and we have a system in place to respond to various inquiries.

High purity calcium phosphate used in Biomaterials such as artificial bones and roots.
These are manufactured in a dedicated plant for high-purity products.

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Corporate information

Taihei Chemical Industrial produces technologies rooted in daily life and society by manufacturing and selling chemical products and infection control products.Introducing our history and initiatives.

Corporate information