About the operation and management
of public research funds

Proper management of public research funds and management system for research fraud

Based on the following responsibility system, we will properly operate and manage public research funds, prevent fraudulent activities by researchers involved in public research funds in advance, and promote fair research activities.

Responsible Person Job title Role
Chief Executive Officer President As Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for establishing and maintaining a management system for public research funds and preventing fraudulent activities in research activities.
Overall Administrative Controller Administrative General Manager Administrative General Manager assists Chief Executive Officer and has the substantive responsibility and authority to oversee the entire system regarding the operation and management of public research funds and the prevention of fraudulent activities.
Compliance promotion manager R&D General Manager As the person in charge of promoting compliance, R&D General Manager has substantial responsibility and authority for the operation and management of public research funds under the Overall Administrative Controller.
Research Ethics Education Officer Manager R&D General Manager Responsible for informing and supervising research ethics compliance to researchers.

Reporting contact

If you have any inquiries or suggestions regarding the operation and management of public research funds, consultations related to research fraud, or suspicions of fraud, please contact the following. If you make a report, we will accept it anonymously, but we may ask you to cooperate with a specific survey or report the survey results. Please let us know your name and contact information as much as possible.
We will not use your information for any purpose other than the above.

E-mail address

*This page provides information to release responsibility system of operation and management and contact for consulting of operation rules etc. and reporting inside and outside of our company based on “Guidelines for Managing and Auditing Public Research Funds at Research Institutions (Implementation Standard)” (revised on February 1 , 2021) and “Guidelines for Responding to Misconduct in Research” (determined on August 26, 2014) notified organizations allocated public research funds by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).