Supporting people’s lives and
a sustainable society

Since the establishment, we, Taihei Chemical Industrial have been manufacturing and selling chemical products with a central focus on phosphates.
We have provided products that support people’s lives.
Contents below are corporate information and history of Taihei Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Corporate information

  • Company Profile

    Introducing corporate information of Taihei Chemical Industrial.

  • History

    Introducing the history of Taihei Chemical Industrial, which was founded in 1946.

  • Business

    In order to meet the needs of more customers, we have sales offices in Tokyo and Nagoya, and plants in Nara and Aichi, in addition to our head office in Osaka.

  • Environmental

    As a company that handles chemical products and raw materials, we engage in business activities with a view of environmental conservation on a global basis.

  • Management system
    for public research

    We promote proper operation and management of public research funds, prevention of corruption in public research funds by relevant researchers, and fair research activity.