History of Taihei Chemical Industrial

Since the foundation as Taihei Shoji in 1946, we have been manufacturing products that enrich the world for over 70 years. Here is the history of the Taihei Chemical Industrial, which has always been innovative without being satisfied with the current situation.

Trademark “Umebachi”

The idea trademark of our products is said to be originated in 1894. It is said that the name comes from the fact that plums were incorporated into the outer design of the trademark with reference to the “Umebachi”, which is the emblem of Tenjin, in order to pay homage to Tenmangu.

In addition, there is a theory that the bees were placed on plums because they were derived from one of the products handled at that time, “honey” and “beeswax.” Currently, it is placed as a trademark on the exterior labels of our chemical products. We have offered powdered activated carbons named Umebachi series, and it is established as the brand name.

In 2018, which is 150 years since the first year of the Meiji era (1868),
“Umebachi” received the commemoration certification of continuation of trademark since the Meiji era. Umebachi is the trade mark of Taihei Chemical Industrial that has continued since the Meiji era.

  1. 1946

    1. April 1946

      Established as a subsidiary company of Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. named “Taihei Shoji Co., Ltd.” with a capital of 100,000 yen.

    2. September 1947

      Renamed the company to the current
      “Taihei Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.”

      Company building at that time|1947

    3. June 1948

      Merged Nihon Nensei Chemical Industry
      Started manufacturing activated carbon
      as Gifu factory.

    4. July 1948

      Toho Shoji Co., Ltd. was merged into the Tokyo branch and made a full-scale entry into Tokyo.

      Tokyo Branch | 1948

    5. June 1949

      Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. transferred Ishikiri Factory to us as Osaka Plant, which will be the basis for the production of various phosphates.

      Osaka Plant | 1949

  2. 1950

    1. October 1953

      Established Kasugai Plant to correspond to increasing demand for phosphates.
      In 1957, the Gifu factory was closed due to the completion of the relocation.

      Kasugai Plant | 1953

  3. 1960

    1. February 1963

      Opened Nagoya local office.
      (later Nagoya office)
      Strengthen sales base in Nagoya area.

    2. April 1962

      Established Taihei Ceramics Co., Ltd. as a
      subsidiary company of our company.

    3. May 1967

      Former Taihei Chemical Industrial Building

      Former Taihei Chemical Industrial Building|1967

  4. 1970

    1. March 1975

      Nara PlantClosed Osaka Plant due to completion of relocation of new Nara Plant.

      Nara Plant | 1975

  5. 1980

    1. July 1984

      New research building at Kasugai Plant.

      Kasugai Plant Research Building | 1984

    2. February 1989

      Moved Nagoya Office to the current
      building, 2-19-25 Marunouchi,
      Naka-ku, Nagoya.

  6. 1990

    1. October 1991

      The 19th capital increase will result
      in a capital of 459,000,000 yen.

    2. June 1995

      Nara Plant3D Automated Warehouse
      newly established.

    3. August 1996

      Kasugai PlantRack warehouse newly established.

    4. March 1999

      Nara PlantIntroduced automatic filling
      and packaging equipment.

      Nara Plant|1999

  7. 2000

    1. February 2001

      Kasugai PlantAcquired ISO9001 Quality Management System. [some items limited]

    2. April 2001

      Nara PlantEstablished a new magnesium stearate production line in the 6th Factory.

      Nara 6th Factory | 2001

    3. September 2002

      Nara PlantAcquired ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

    4. September 2003

      Nara PlantObtained GMP certification for food additives.

    5. October 2005

      Nara PlantCompleted a third calcium phosphate production line and automatic filling and packaging equipment at the second factory of the Nara Plant.

      Nara 2nd Factory | 2005

    6. October 2006

      Kasugai PlantAcquired ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

    7. March 2007

      Closed Kitakyushu Sales Office and integrated into Osaka Head Office Sales Department.

    8. December 2007

      Nara Plant High Performance Calcium Phosphate Factory Established.

    9. April 2009

      Nara PlantCalcium lactate production line newly established at the 4th Factory.

    10. April 2009

      Moved Tokyo branch to current building:
      3-7-2 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

  8. 2010

    1. April 2014

      Kasugai PlantCompletion of new spray dryer
      production equipment.

      Kasugai Plant|2014

    2. August 2014

      Moved the head office building to the
      current building:1-19 Higashikoraibashi,
      Chuo-ku, Osaka.

    3. February 2015

      Nara PlantEstablished sodium lactate solution production line at the 5th Factory.

    4. August 2016

      Nara PlantHALAL certification acquisition
      [some items limited]

      Kasugai PlantFSSC22000 Food Safety Management
      System Certification acquisition
      [some items limited]

    5. August 2018

      Kasugai PlantHALAL certification acquisition [some items limited]

      HALAL certification | 2018

    6. March 2019

      Acquired shares of Joko Yakuhin Co., Ltd.
      Make it a subsidiary by acquiring all the issued shares of the company, which is a drug substance manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, and enter the new business domain.

  9. 2020

    1. February 2020

      Kasugai Plant3D automated warehouse completed.

      3D automated warehouse|2020

    2. November 2020

      Kasugai Plant5th Edition JAFA GMP integrating HACCP [some items limited] certification acquisition.

    3. July 2021

      Nara Plant6th Edition JAFA GMP integrating HACCP certification acquisition.

    4. November 2021

      Nara PlantFSSC22000 Food Safety Management System Certification acquisition[some items limited]

    5. September 2023

      Kasugai PlantThe new office building was completed.